We understand that the quality of your firewood can make or break your camping experience.  Point Farms Market is committed to providing the best quality firewood at fair prices.

IMG_20160518_174135We offer three types of firewood in two convenient sizes:

  • STANDARD: 1.25 cu. ft. of either split hardwood logs for $6.50 (hst incl).
    • This is generally one evening’s worth of wood
    • Slab wood tends to light more quickly, but also burns up faster
    • Split logs are more traditional and last a lot longer but may require more patience to get going.
    • People often buy one of each
    • Mesh bags allow you to see exactly what you’re getting before you buy
  • DOUBLE: 2.5 cu. ft. of larger pieces of split logs for $12.50 (hst incl).
    • Great for a weekend, or an all-day fire
    • These larger pieces burn even longer than the pieces found in a standard bag
    • We ask for a $5 deposit for the bag
  • KINDLING: a bundle of cedar kindling for $5+hst
    • Get your fire off to an easy and great-smelling start!


We also have “Caveman” firestarters available to ensure a roaring fire every time!